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Welcoming & Authentic welcome in a warehouse

Opened in 2019, B & B Saenliefde is located in the warehouse of Riga, which was built around 1680 as an oilseed warehouse for the mill next door. Later, it served as a storage for the downstream steam oil factory love. The pine-wood construction with the oak 17th century krommers is still almost completely intact. The guest rooms on the upper floor of the house give you a beautiful view of this building.


Your Hostess & Host

A new existence in the Netherlands: from Dream to reality

For some time we were looking for a beautiful old house in North Holland to make a new home here and to start a small-scale B&B after a 32-year stay in Switzerland.

When in the summer of 2017 on a bike ride coincidentally drove over the Veerdijk and saw the Riga warehouse for the first time, we got the feeling that this could be our place!

We have been working in the healthcare sector in Switzerland. In Wormer we want to give people in their spare time the necessary attention and contribute to a pleasant experience.

In the autumn of 2017 we decided to take the chance to renovate this extraordinary house, which has been in this beautiful place for over 300 years, to make it more sustainable with insulation, a heat pump and solar panels. So that in the distant future it still remains beautiful and contributes to a future with minimal energy consumption.

Two exciting years followed with a renovation and various relocations. But the end result makes it all worth it! We pride ourselves on the appearance of our house and look forward to receiving our guests.

Welcome to Saenliefde!

Margreet & Ronald


Riga since 1682

Once the mill barn of the Bootsman, now a comfortable bed and breakfast

The three-aisled warehouse, built around 1680, consists of thirteen gebints placed at a varying distance. The pine-cap construction is carried out as a so-called Old Dutch hood with traditional use of oak elements.

The house has undergone some changes over the years: from mill barn to factory warehouse, later to home and recently to Bed & Breakfast Saenliefde with 4 luxury rooms.

The mills and barns around the house have been demolished or burnt, but warehouse Riga has defused all storms. Renovated and isolated, the house now meets its new future without gas connection.


Charging station at B&B Saenliefde


Saenliefde, from grain warehouse to sustainable B&B with no gas connection

Saen Love has been completely renovated with sustainability in mind:

  • Heat pump with ground source collector for underfloor heating in the garden rooms and convectors in the warehouse rooms. Big advantage the system can cool in summer, without using air conditioning.
  • Individual temperature control in the rooms.
  • 2 heat pump boilers for hot water supply.
  • Full roof, wall and floor insulation.
  • All window frames with double glazing
  • Solar panels on the outbuilding for power generation.
  • Ventilation system with heat recovery unit: the windows can be opened as well, should a guest wish to do so.
  • LED lighting throughout the accommodation.
  • Rain showers with water-saving heads.
  • Refillable bath products.
  • All available beverages in glass.
  • Breakfast withlog, mostly locally sourced, and fair trade products. Various products homemade.
  • Waste separation.
  • Rental of bicycles.
  • Charging station for electric cars.


Stay in the Zaanstreek

Sleep well in a monumental warehouse. Sounds of water, birds in the garden. First class hotel linen, luxury towels and bathrobes. Don’t let anything be missing! Margreet and Ronald spoil you with the delicious breakfast: The local products we get from the polders in the area.

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